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“God will supply all that you will ever need from His glorious resources in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 4:19 (PH)

Do you ever have needs, wants, or desires? I think it would be safe to say that we all do. We could not survive in this world without having them, or trying to supply them. Needs, wants, and desires are three very different things. Our needs are what we have to have in order to survive: things like air, water, food, and maybe even sunshine. Without them we could not live.

Wants are things we would like to have but our existence does not depend on them. We want a car or a home; we want designer clothes or the latest electronics.

Desires are usually dreams that we are looking to fulfill. We all have needs, wants, and desires and that is OK. The Apostle Paul says that we can always count on God to meet our needs! And God will meet those needs from his glorious resources. It is a promise that we can count on. If we trust God    totally, our needs will be taken care of. God does not promise to give us our wants and desires but the closer we follow and depend upon the Lord, the greater the possibility that our wants and desires are either met or changed. Put God to the test and trust Him. He will meet all of your needs.

Wow! The summer has passed quickly. We are gearing up for the start of our fall programs and ministries. Before we say goodbye to summer, I want to thank Ronna Paden for organizing a wonderful concert series this summer. I believe that it is the best one we have ever presented. Thank you, church family, for your attendance and support. A very big thanks to the Socials Committee for all the hard work preparing, serving, and clean-up after our Super Sunday Nights. Once again the hard work and dedication of our staff and          congregation made a big difference in the lives of hundreds. Thank you.

Three things I want to remind you of concerning our church family and its ministries. The first is the church Pictorial Directory. Pictures are being taken now; this is the last week. We need all the church  family to participate. Sign up now.

Second, our giving has dropped some this summer so I would like to encourage you to keep “Stepping Up Together” and be consistent in your tithes and offerings. If you can give a little more, I encourage you to do so.

Third, we will be participating in a spiritual campaign call the “40 Days In The Word” starting this October. This campaign will teach you how to study and apply the Word of God in your daily life. It could be the most important emphasis that you ever participate in. Make a commitment to be part of it today.

God continues to bless our church with many opportunities to serve Him. Come join the fun.

See you in church,

Brother Randy


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