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"Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”  Psalms 119:105 (NIV)

Light plays a very important part in our lives. The sun gives us daylight and without it we would perish. From the beginning of time light has always been the friend of man. We love to walk in the light. Things grow in the light and sunshine  always has a way of making us happier and healthy. Fire, electricity, and flashlights help us to endure the darkness by providing light.

The Psalmist reminds us that we live in a dark world and that we need true light to find our way. Just as a flashlight shows us the next step in the   darkness, the Word of God shows us the Lord's plan for our lives. We do not get to see a mile down the road, only the next step. We know that the path leads to our heavenly home but we get there one step at a time. God will show you where to take the next step if you trust His Word. He will show you solid ground to stand on if you use His Word as your flashlight. We are all on a journey. Use His light to guide your steps.

Wow!! What a great time we have had in 40 Days in the Word. We are completing our sixth week and we will have a celebration service this next Sunday. We have 30 small groups and 297 people involved in Loving the Word, Learning the Word, and Living the Word. It has made a tremendous difference in the lives of those  involved and I know it will make a difference in our church. I encourage everyone to sign up and get involved in a small group, it is a tremendous blessing.

I wanted to give you an update on our partnership church in Ukraine. Our church planter, Volodymyr Prodan, pastors a startup church in the village of Lalovo. They are meeting in a small vacant grocery store building. When asked about his greatest need, he replied that the windows in the building were falling out. He estimated a cost of $900 to replace and install new windows before winter. With the help of our small groups and a  generous donor we have surpassed that goal. New windows should be installed next week. Thank You church, for being so loving and giving.

A group of 4-6 people from our church will be traveling to Ukraine to do light construction at the seminary in mid-January. The cost of the construction will be around $5,300. Pray about what your part might be in helping us to reach the goal.

God continues to do wonderful things in our church family. Pray to see what God wants you to do and then use His flashlight, The Word, to begin that journey.  I love you church family.

See you in church.
Brother Randy

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