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Merry Christmas. I pray that you and your family will enjoy this wonderful Christmas season. It is safe to say that       everyone has seen a nativity scene somewhere this Christmas. They are in churches,     people’s yards, and in many businesses. We marvel at the birth of God’s son and wonder why he came as a baby.The question is always on our minds as to why God did this and what did He wish to accomplish?

“When the right time came, the time God decided on, he sent his son, born of a woman… so he could adopt us as his very own children.” Galatians 4:4-5 (LB)

The Apostle Paul answers these questions in a very simple way. He says that Jesus was born in a stable for one reason, so that God would adopt us. God’s greatest desire is that we join him in heaven one day. But heaven is a perfect place and we are not perfect. God sent Jesus to be perfect for us. When we trust in Christ, he forgives our sin and promises to make us perfect when we stand before God.

All people are God’s creation but not all people are God’s children. To become a child of God you have to be adopted. This is made possible by what Jesus did for us. Come join the family. Accept what Christ has done for you and receive His forgiveness. There is always room for one more at the table.

What a tremendous presentation of this year’s Singing Christmas Tree.Our Director of Music, Ronna Paden, did an outstanding job. I know that she had a lot of wonderfulhelp in all the areas. Thank you so much to everyone who played a part in making this presentation a success. Three of the four presentations were to a full house. Many of the people were moved by the tremendous singing, the beautiful music, and the drama and story of the Baby Jesus. Thank you, Fee Fee family, for the hard work and determination that made this such an  impact. And of course, thank you, Lord Jesus, for blessing our efforts and moving in the hearts of those in attendance.

Thank you, church family, for the faithfulness you show every week in attending, giving, and serving. God has blessed us in a wonderful way this year and I am looking forward to 2015. We surpassed our Lottie Moon Christmas Offering goal and I encourage you give through December.

A quick update on our Ukraine Partnership: I will be traveling with five others from our church back to Ukraine to do some construction work on the Ukraine Baptist Theological Seminary. They need bathrooms, showers, walls built, and flooring finished. We leave January 15 and return on January 25. If you would like to help with the cost of the materials needed, please see me.

God has blessed us in a wonderful way in 2014. I cannot wait to see what He does in 2015.

See you in church,

Brother Randy


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