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“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”    Matthew 5:3 (NIV)


The very first sermon that Jesus preached was the “Sermon on the Mount”. We often call this  sermon the “Beatitudes”. In the sermon Jesus tells us eight ways to be happy. The first is the most  important of all. The other seven depend on getting the first one right.

Jesus says to be “Happy” in the Lord we must be “poor in spirit”. He is not talking about physical poverty. He is talking about spiritual condition. We must empty ourselves completely spiritually in order to be filled with the Holy Spirit. It is always difficult to deny ourselves and give complete control to Jesus.

The choice is yours; do you want to be happy? Become poor in spirit by saying no to your desires and yes to Jesus. That is the beginning to unlocking the secrets to the beatitudes and being happy in the Lord.

What a great day we had on Mother’s Day. The Child and Parent Dedication is always a very special event. Thank you, parents, for participating and thank you, church family, for being willing to dedicate yourselves to praying for these parents and children.

The May 18 business meeting has been moved to June 22 after the evening service. I will be out of town for a wedding on the 18th and that is also Awana’s Recognition Night. By moving the business meeting to June 22 we will avoid all conflicts and allow the Scholarship Committee to complete their work. Thank you for your cooperation.

Donations continue to come in for our new busses. We are still on schedule to receive both of them by July 1. If you would like to contribute, just mark your donation “Bus Fund”. The generosity of our church family is outstanding.

Be sure to sign up for the Fee Fee Family Retreat, September 5-7 at Lake Williamson Retreat Center. We reserved 100 spaces and they are going fast! See Kathy Scott to sign up or for more information. It is going to be a great time for the entire family.

There are many wonderful family events happening all summer long at Fee Fee. Pick up a brochure in the parlor and check your calendar. Fellowship is one of the best ways to strengthen our church family.

If you want to be “Happy” in the Lord, you have to empty your  spirit and fill it with the Lord. You will be glad you did.


See you in church,

Brother Randy


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