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"During the night Paul had a vision of a man of    Macedonia standing and begging him, come over to Macedonia and help us. After Paul had seen the vision we got ready at once to leave for Macedonia, concluding that God has called us to preach the gospel to them."  Acts 16:9-10

In the spring of 2014 our church was invited to join a church planting project in Ukraine called the Macedonian Project. This    involved adopting a church planter in Ukraine and providing support for him to attend seminary and also to visit his church field to help do mission work. We    adopted a church planter named Volodya Prodan and his church plant in the small village of Lalove in the Carpathian Mountains. Eighteen members from our church volunteered to go on a mission trip to Ukraine and help teach a children's summer camp for a week. We taught    English classes, crafts, sports activities, English songs, and assisted in the Bible study. We cannot believe the reception and love the Ukrainian people showed us. But what was even more      unbelievable was the deep love and hunger that they have to learn about Jesus Christ.

They were expecting 60 kids at the camp and we ended up with   somewhere between 85 and 90. It was one of the most wonderful weeks of my life. Our team from Fee Fee did an excellent job    working with the Ukrainian team. They not only taught the children about Jesus but they modeled Jesus in their actions.

Our church planter said that we touched about 70% of the homes in this village. The camp was held in an elementary school that was built in 1917. The principal of the school, Sirgi, was very impressed with the camp and with our American team. He is not a Christian but had a lot of questions as to why we would come and why we would want to teach him about the Lord. He was excited to see the way we loved the children. This is one of the most successful mission trips that I have ever been on, in the effectiveness of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Ukrainian people are hungry to know more about who Jesus is and why He loves them. We not only were able to witness to the children in the school but also the cooks and the cleaning ladies at the school as well as the people who own and ran the hotel in which we stayed. They were overwhelmed by the kindness and the love that our team showed. Thank you, Fee Fee Baptist Church, for excepting the call to preach to those in Macedonia.

Ukraine is a nation of 46 million people with less than 1% being Christians. We have started a good beginning in this adventure with our church planter. Pray for  Volodya and Iryna as they follow up on the work that we did last week. Pray for the boys and girls who attended the camp that they may seek to learn more about Jesus.

Brother Randy


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