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“Sometime later the brook dried up because there had been no rain in the land.” 1 Kings 17:7 NIV

Elijah had been obedient to God. He confronted King Ahab of Israel about his idol    worship. He had told the king that no rain would fall on the nation of Israel. Elijah had listened to God when God said go hide in a ravine east of the Jordan. Now, after a year of hiding,  eating food brought by the birds, and living like a hermit, the water supply dried up. Elijah had to be wondering if he had made the right choice.

Many times in our lives we follow the call of God, only to find ourselves in a difficult situation. Our first response is to ask ourselves, “Did we do something wrong?” Our second thought is, although we don’t say it out loud, “God, do you know what you are doing?”

These are always times in our lives when “our brook dries up” and life becomes difficult. It is in these trials that we should run to God not away from Him. He does know what He is doing. Trust Him when your “brook dries up”!

It is great to be back from vacation. Mary Louise, Ken and I enjoyed the time away but we    really missed our Fee Fee family. Big thanks to the staff for a     wonderful job while I was gone. Be sure to tell them you appreciate them.

Last Sunday’s business meeting was another example of the loving church family we have. After    receiving information from the Transportation Committee, the church body voted unanimously to purchase two new 15-passenger buses for our transportation needs. With our trade-in, the amount of these two buses will be $93,227. We have already set aside $40,000 from our 2013 year-end funds to go toward this purchase. The remaining amount will be borrowed from the Staff Housing account and be fully repaid. This allows us to order these buses now and have them here before the summer activities. You can help us repay the Staff Housing account by making donations to the “Bus Fund”. Our seniors, children, and youth are very precious cargo and deserve the best and safest transportation we can afford. Thank you, Fee Fee family, for once again rising to the challenge.

Spring is almost here and things are getting busy around the church. Find a place to plug in to the many ministries available. We need you to be the best you can be for the Lord.

See you in church,

Brother Randy



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