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“A relaxed attitude lengthens a man’s life.” Proverbs 14:30 NLT

We are entering our second week of 50 Days of Transformation and it has been great. The second week tells how God wants to transform us physically. We do that by addressing the stress we have in our bodies. Stress is a major factor that keeps us from being all that God wants us to be. The Lord tells us that if we trust in Him, He will take care of our stress. I pray this week that you will let the Lord guide you in your thoughts and your actions and that you will place yourself in His hand and let Him transform you into His likeness. Be sure to read your daily devotions.

Last Sunday was a wonderful time of worship and praising God and asking Him to transform us into his likeness. I shared with you an   exciting opportunity that we have coming up on November 15. That will be our final worship service for 50 Days of Transformation. We will be celebrating what God has done in the lives of the hundreds of people involved in our small groups. On that day we will also have the opportunity to celebrate the paying off of our loan for the Family Life Center. What began as a $2.1 million loan in 2008 has now been reduced to $17,000. We currently receive about $10,000 a month toward that debt. At that rate it would be paid off at the end of November. It would be great if we would go ahead and raise enough money to pay it off two weeks early so that we could also celebrate this on November 15. We would include a note burning ceremony with the 50 Days celebration. What a testimony of faithfulness to the wonderful sacrificial giving of our church. Once again we will be debt-free and be able to put all of our monies toward the ministries in the church. This can happen if we all join together. If you are currently giving, think about giving a little more; if you are not giving anything at all, think about giving something. It would not take much for us all to step up together and pay this off. The entire church is invited to the celebration dinner on November15 at noon; we will  celebrate what God has been doing in our church. I hope you will join us.

Let me also encourage you not to forget to give to our church budget. In order to maintain the ministries that we have, we need everyone to step up and give to the church. It can be a little or a lot. Added    together, it makes a big difference. Let's all join together and finish strong this year so we may honor God with what He has blessed us with.

God bless you for your giving and thank you so much for being involved in 50 Days. I am praying that God will transform me to be more like Him and I hope you will too.

God bless and see you in church,

Brother Randy


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