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"There is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known.” Luke 12:2 (NAS)

Have you done something and thought that you had gotten away with it? We all have temptations to do things that we know are not right. We weigh the consequences in our minds and ask ourselves the question, “Can I do this and not be caught?” If the percentage is great enough that we think we can get away with it, we might go ahead and do it.

The trouble with this kind of thinking is that there are two people who always know what you do. They are yourself and God. Jesus reminds us in Luke, that all we think we have hidden will be revealed. So the question is: can you live with yourself, knowing what you have done and knowing that God will reveal it someday? Why not take care of that now by asking Jesus to take care of that sin and promising not to do it again? This solution is quicker, better for your emotions, and the right thing to do. He is waiting to listen and forgive. Are you ready to confess?

Summer has finally arrived in St. Louis and the church calendar is full. The church picnic and Graduation Sunday is June 8. It is followed by Father’s Day on June 15 and a special Sunday on June 29. The choir will do their patriotic service and the church will ordain Andrew Yakel and Chris Nickey to the ministry in the evening service. Come and join in on these wonderful events.

You have been so faithful in participating in the “Stepping Up Together” campaign the last two years and it has made a big difference in the budget. It has  allowed us to fund many ministries and to do some much-needed maintenance on our church building. Thank you for the extra support and please continue to give. Anyone who is not giving something in the offering is missing out on a blessing and I want you to try and participate. Every little bit helps because it all adds up. We are always better together.

We continue to be blessed in so many ways as a family of faith. I want to encourage you to find that place of service in our church that God has just for you.

It has been and exciting to see all of the recent people being baptized but there are many more in the community that do not know Jesus. Reach out to them and invite them to come hear the good news about Jesus.

Thanks again for being such a wonderful church family.

See you in church.

Brother Randy


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