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“Don't always believe everything you hear just because someone says it is a message from God; test it first to see if it really is!” 1 John 4:1 (LB)

Every Christian wants to hear God’s voice. But it is often hard to recognize His voice when He actually speaks to us. There are many who claim that they know what God wants you to do. But it is only Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, that speaks for God. There are many ways to test and see if what we hear is really from God. We only need to ask ourselves these questions: Does what I hear agree with the Word of God? Does what I hear make me more like Jesus? Does my church family confirm what I hear? Is what I hear consistent with my gifts and abilities? Do I have a sense of God's peace in doing what I hear?

If you can answer yes to these questions, then what you are hearing is probably from the Holy Spirit. God wants to speak to you but He will never contradict His word, the Bible. Listen today to what He wants you to do.

There is still so much I would like to say about our recent trip to Ukraine. It was the greatest mission trip that I have ever been on. The hand of God was so evident in all that we did. On August 23 at the 6 p.m. service, we will bring a Mission Report to you sharing all the details of our trip. Please come and hear what God is doing in this wonderful nation of Ukraine.

Everyone is winding up summer; families are taking their last vacations, reunions are being held, and everyone is getting ready to start back into their routines. We are getting ready to start back up all of our programs here in September. Let me encourage you to stay faithful in your attendance at church during this last month of summer. We also encourage you to stay faithful in your giving. It is so important for us to remember that we all have a part in supporting the ministries of our Church. We need everybody to pitch in and do their very best by stepping up. Our church family has always been faithful in their giving and attendance and I know they will continue to be.

And speaking of giving, our debt owed on our Family Life Center is down below $60,000. Wouldn't it be great if we would pay that off before Thanksgiving? I would  encourage you, if you have not been giving to the building fund, to do so to help us pay off this debt. If you are giving, please continue to do so. It will be a wonderful testimony to the giving spirit of our church to be able to pay off such a big debt in such a short time.

Thank you, Fee Fee, for being such a wonderful mission-minded and giving church. Come join us as we seek to reach those around our neighborhood. God is speaking and He wants you to hear. Listen to Him now.

See you in church,

Brother Randy



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