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“Plan carefully what you do… avoid evil and walk straight ahead. Don’t go one step off the right way.”     Proverbs 4:26-27 (TEV)

Solomon tells us in Proverbs that we are to plan our path. He reminds us that as we walk through life, there will be good and evil. We are to go the “right way” and avoid stepping into evil. He warns us that just one step off the right way could be disastrous. It all comes down to proper planning. Let God help you make your plans and your journey will be safer.

This Wednesday, September 17th, I will be joining six pastors from Missouri and flying to Lviv Ukraine. Our church has joined the Macedonia Project in Ukraine that helps start new Baptist churches. I will be meeting with our new church start pastor and helping with a retreat at the Baptist Seminary in Lviv. It will be a joy to encourage and support our Baptist brothers and sisters in this way.

The Ukraine has been in the news a lot lately and just struggling for their right to survive as a nation. I believe that strong churches make for a strong country and I am glad that our church wants to help plant and grow churches in the Ukraine.

I will be in the western part of Ukraine; far away from the trouble they are having with Russia. Even though I will be out of harm's way, pray for me as I minister to the people of Western Ukraine. They feel the grief and pain that their fellow countrymen are going through in the eastern part of that country.

I will be returning on Tuesday, September 23. Please pray for the safety and health of all seven of us as we preach and encourage our Baptist brothers. I look forward to    coming back and   sharing with you the tremendous stories of what God is doing in the Ukraine.

Do not forget that 40 Days in the Wordis almost here. Sign up now for a small group. It is six weeks long and meets one hour a week. Be a part of making our church stronger in the Word.

Thank you, Fee Fee, for being such a loving and giving church. Mary Louise and I are so blessed to be your pastor and pastor's wife.

Thank you for your love.

See you in church (when I get back),

Brother Randy


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