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“Anyonewho listens to the word but does not do what it saysis likea man who looks at his face in the mirror and after looking at himself immediately goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like.”    James 1:23-24

James 1:23 is often very confusing when you first read it. You have to dig into it to really understand what James is saying. He is comparing the word of God to a mirror. We look into mirrors to evaluate ourselves, preparing ourselves for the day. James is saying that the word of God is just like a mirror; instead of showing us our outward appearance, it shows us our inward condition - andareas that we need to address to be more like Christ. If we looked into a mirror and saw a piece of broccoli between our teeth,we would remove it. When we look into the word of God andsee a sinthat needs to be confessed why don't we remove it? Evaluate yourself today and see what needs to be improved.

Whata great weekend here at Fee Baptist Church. It beganon Friday night with a “Walk with Jesus”. Thank you, Kathy Scott, for doing such a great job in transforming some of our Sunday school rooms into wonderful places like the   Garden of Gethsemane, the upper room, and the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem. It was a wonderful time for those who came to experience what happened that last week of Jesus’ life. Thanks again to all in our church who helped.

Another big thanks to our music director, Ronna Paden. Last Sunday night we presented the gospel choir under thedirection of PhilWoodmore. Our church choir sang with two other choirs plus students from COCA, and it was tremendous. The church house was packed and rocking. Thank you so much, Ronna, for that cultural worship experience.

On Easter Sunday, Mary Louise and I will celebrate 19 years of serving as your pastor and pastor’s wife. It has been a wonderful, wonderful experience. We love the Fee Fee family so very much. We have seen God work in so many areas over those 19 years. Thank you, churchfamily, for being such a loving and gracious church. May God continue to bless us as we ministertogether in the future.

Just a quick word about our building fund. We currently owejust a little over $100,000 on our Family Life Center. That is remarkable. Since 2008 we have paid over $2 million toward this debt. Our pledges expiredat the end of last year but many people continue to give in order to pay off this debt. If you are a member of our church family and you have not given to the building fund,please help us retire this debt assoon as possible.

What a joyful day it will be whenwe can once more be debt-free and turn the church’s attention 100% toward ministry. Thank you so much for those who are giving, for those who have given, and for those who have yet to give.

God’s word is a perfect mirror that shows us who we are and what we need to do. Come and join us as we seek to use His word to reach the people in our community. God bless you.

See you in church,

Bro. Randy


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