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"They will go away into eternal punishment. But the righteous will go into eternal life“  Matthew 25:46 LT

The Bible is very clear in telling us that when we die, life does not end. The Bible tells us that there are two eternal destinations and that we will go to one or the other. Those destinationsare called Heaven and Hell. Jesus says in Matthew that when we die we either go into  eternal punishment or we go into eternal life with Christ. Heaven and Hell are real and many people try to avoid talking about them. The fact is we will spend our eternity in one place or the other. Heaven is a wonderful place that Christ has prepared for those who will trust in him. Hell is a place of torment and isolation from God. Make sure you share with someone today about the joys of Heaven.

Thirty-one of our youth and chaperones just finished a week of service at Camp Windermere. They served in the dining hall, serving three meals a day to over 800 youth who came for conferences. I am so proud of them. I received word from Windermere that they were one of the best groups that had ever served and much praise was put on them. Thank you, youth, adults, and Brother Andrew for being such great servants for Christ.

As you know, our Ukraine trip is coming up quickly. On July 2 there will be eighteen of our people leaving to go and teach a children's camp in Lalovo, Ukraine. Pray for us during this time. We will return back to the states on July 14. I want to say a big thanks to all those who contributed to the cost of the mission trip. Because of your generosity our needs are being met. Thank you again, Fee Fee family, for loving people and also serving God.

And speaking of giving, the amount that we owe on our Family Life   Center debt is under $65,000. Praise the Lord! What began in 2008 at $2.1 million has now been almost paid off. What a joyous day that will be when we celebrate, once again, the tremendous blessing from the Lord and the generous actions of our church family. If you have not  given to the building fund, I encourage you to help us eliminate this debt. If you are giving, I want to thank you for your faithfulness and perseverance. It would be tremendous if we could pay this off by this fall.

It never ceases to amaze me how God constantly provides for His children. When I remember that He has provided Heaven for us, it should not surprise me that He would meet our needs while we are here. Trust Him and believe in Him, He will provide for you. As a matter of fact, He already has.

See you in church.

Brother Randy


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