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“The manager was accused of wasting his master’s possessions.” Luke 16:2

The parable that Jesus told in Luke chapter 16 seems confusing at first. Jesus seems to be commending a dishonest person. But it is not his dishonesty that Jesus is saying is a good example. It is his ability to see the need to prepare for the future. You have to read the complete parable in order to get the true meaning. The bottom line is, Jesus is saying that God gives us possessions on this earth to manage while we are here. We are to manage those possessions in such a way as to layup for us  blessings and property in heaven. Investing in ministries that lead someone to Christ is the greatest way we can use our resources. Will there be anyone in heaven because of you? Use your resources to tell people about Jesus.

We continue to have a tremendous journey in our spiritual emphasis of 50 Days of Transformation. We will have our final worship service for “50 Days” on November 15. At noon we will celebrate with a chicken dinner in our Family Life Center. We will also be celebrating the retirement of our debt on the Family Life Center. The Fee Fee family has been so wonderful and generous in the last several years. You saw the need for a Family Life Center and counted the cost and said we can use this to glorify God. As of last week that debt has been retired. We are once again a debt-free church. All the praise and glory for the wonderful things that have been done go to God. Thank you for being such a wonderful caring church family.

As we get ready to head into the holiday season, I want you to take time and thank God for all the blessings that He has given you. I also want you to think about people you can invite to church. Christ expects you to reach out to others and to expose them to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The easiest way to do that is to invite them to worship, Sunday School, small group, or Bible study. Let's make an effort to invite them to come and be a part of the Fee Fee family. It could make a difference in their eternity.

Brother Wes Owens announced his resignation last Sunday to become involved in the Sports Management Ministry here in St. Louis. We thank him for his 15 and half years of service at Fee Fee Baptist Church and wish he and his wife Rhonda the very best in the future. Take time to let him know how much you appreciated his ministry at Fee Fee. His last day with us will be this next Sunday, November 15. Please keep the  Owens family in your prayers.

I encourage you to use the Master’s possessions wisely. Use them to tell other people about Christ and to invite other people to church.

Brother Randy

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