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"Anyone who lacks self-control is like a city whose walls are broken down.”  Proverbs 25:28


The city with no walls is completely defenseless. In biblical times this meant that any invading army could just walk right into the city. This made the city vulnerable to all kinds of trouble. Solomon tells us in Proverbs that a person with no self-control ends up in all kinds of trouble. Self-control is a sign of maturity. If you cannot control your emotions, anger, or your desires, then you will be vulnerable to all sorts of temptations and problems. A person with self-control is in control of their life. They look to God to help them make everyday decisions. Self-control is not  weakness but it is letting God use you to find a solution to your needs. Practice self-control today.  Not only will it keep you out of trouble but it will bring a tremendous peace to your heart.

I am so excited about the upcoming spiritual emphasis 50 Days of Transformation. It will begin officially on October 4. Please sign up for small groups now. Small groups will meet once a week for seven weeks. It will be a time of sharing and fellowship, but more importantly a time of looking at how we can transform our lives into that which God desires. God created you special to do something special for Him. When we begin to transform our lives to look more like Jesus, our goals in life and our purpose in life become clearer. Get involved in  50 Days of Transformation. It will change your life forever.

We continue to receive reports from Ukraine about the effects of our mission trip this past summer. Lives are still being changed and people are being led to the Lord. A tremendous relationship between the school officials and our mission pastor has grown stronger and stronger. They have  contacted us and asked us to consider coming back in the summer of 2016. I have been   praying about this important decision and have shared it with several people including your    deacon body. It looks like we will be taking another mission trip this next summer to Ukraine. It will be a little bit different in its make-up and may mean the cost per  individual will be more. It will be a churchmission trip and it will be limited to only 18 people. Many of those need to have certain skills or abilities to be able to do what needs to be done in the children's camp. Please pray about this. I will be having an informational meeting sometime in the near future.

Our fall programming is back in full swing. God created us to serve him and we have many opportunities for servants here at Fee Fee. Come join us as we continue to reach out to our community and the world for Christ.

Brother Randy


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