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“Share each other's troubles and problems.” Galations 6:2 NLT

The apostle Paul tells us that the church is our spiritual family. And he says that part of the responsibilities of a spiritual family is to share the troubles and problems of each other. It is important to note that he does not say to solvethe problems and troubles. He says we are to share them. When someone shares a problem with us we often feel obligated to fix it for them. Paul does not tell us to fix each others problems but simply to be willing to listen and to share. Sometimes, listening is the greatest bit of advice that we can give somebody. We find it easy to fix other people’s problems but often find it difficult to fix our own. The next time someone shares a problem with you, instead of trying to fix it, just listen. You might be applying the greatest solution of all.

The Celebration Banquet last   Sunday was a tremendous success. Around 400 people gathered in our Family Life Center to celebrate the retiring of our debt and the conclusion of “50 Days of Transformation”. What a great time of fellowship for the church family. As we begin this new debt-free era in our church, pray and ask God what He would have us do to reach our community. I think the best is yet to come. Thank you, Fee Fee family, for being so faithful in your giving and serving.

I have asked the Personnel Committee to hold off selecting a search committee for the Minister of Education position. I have asked them to work with me and the Strategic Planning Committee in evaluating the areas of discipleship, Sunday School, Small Groups, and Singles in our church. This is an opportunity for us to discover how to better reach and disciple people for Jesus Christ. Please feel free to share with us any ideas that you might have in this area. The current duties and responsibilities  will be covered by Kathy, Andrew, and me until we fill this vacancy. Thank you to all the wonderful leaders and teachers who continue to faithfully teach the Word of God.

Christmas time is almost here. Many things are coming up on our holiday schedule. Discussion on the church budget will take place this coming Sunday at 5:00 p.m. in the dining room. The 2016 church budget will be voted on in the morning worship services on December 6. Pray that God will allow us to finish strong in giving this year and have a wonderful start to next year’s giving.

God continues to bless us in so many ways. Come join us as we seek to reach those who need Christ in our community.

Brother Randy


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